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Low power consumption  Anti-interference  High performance

  • Sub-1G RF Transceiver ICs

    Low power consumption, high transmit power, high sensitivity,anti-EMI/EMC,CE certified

  • Sub-1G RF Transveiver Modules

    RF TR modules, Energy-safe RF Module, Lora Module, compact in size, simply plug-in to use

  • PLL ICs

    First domestic brand that can replace foreign models like MB15E03 and LMX2336

Data collection and transmission in IOT

  Wireless sensor network based on 433MHz

Physical platform for short ranged wireless network

Collect sensor data at endpoints,transmit them to MCU, then process and upload to cloud server

Data Collection and transmission at low cost

Sub-1G RF connectivity is suitable for applications that require low-power consumption,low data transmission rate and high stability

Smart Solutions

Powerful  Competitive  Affordable

Wireless and powerless RF Remote Control Solutions

Suitable for security systme, LED lighting control, alarms, motorcycle alarms and others

Smart Home Control System Solutions

Using 433M as the primary frequency for connection between smart home devices, which is effective and efficient

Low-power data collection and transmission solution

Achieve remote data collection and transmission via 433M connection between gataway and server


Our Focus

Explore  Innovate  Excel

Independent Research and Development

Radium has many year experience in designing Sub-1G ICs, and we own over application 10 IPs. The Radium team is comprised of a experienced staff of professional IC designers and software and hardware engineers, with rich oversea experiences.

Benefits of RF Total Solution

Provide wireless solution to a wide range of applications, satisfy the production needs for NO-RF based companies. Radium's solutions are origianl, our designs are able to fulfill high-end customers' needs while we do our best to help customers succeed.

Make Life Convinient

We work closely with our partners and customers to turn simple 0 and 1 digital signal into high tech products. Our goal is to create a smart and convinient lifestyle for people.

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